New Wallpapers Music Sample Added Website in Development
  • New Wallpapers

    Four new wallpapers have been posted to the media section under official wallpapers.

  • Music Sample Added

    New music samples have been added to the Music area located in the Media section.

  • Website in Development

    The Lore team has been working to bring you a new site for all of the Lore universe. 

Patch 2.17 has gone live.

Here are the changes we have made to Lore:

  • Level is now playing a more critical role in the combat system as well as squad size.
  • Squad size now directly affects combat as well as the equipment they use in battle
  • Skill points now are now worth more in battle than previously
  • Equipment is still the biggest factor in battle but is worth slightly less in combat than it was before.
  • Now someone fighting another player who is 10 levels higher with the same exact gear, skill points spent, and squad size has a 1 in 10 chance to win. This may be modified to allow a slightly larger level gap. (take into consideration that 500 arin gloves would be better for the defender. So when I say same gear I mean same “number” values for the attacker and defender and not the same “Name” gear.)

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New Brask Society

It is pertinent, in any society, to know one’s place and the Brask are no exception. The males are expected to become warriors. Those who fail are either killed or flee into the wastes in hopes of meeting a group of bandits or joining a free clan.

The males who refuse to enter the warrior training are allowed to live in Dieron or any other imperial town but hold no status in society…

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Brask Hierarchy Unlocked

The Brask Hierarchy is a simple ladder with only a few rungs. The system rewards Brask with ambition and talent and at the same time weeds out the weak and treacherous.

Warriors – Any Brask can take up arms, but a true warrior will go through the trials that the ancestors deemed vital to make a warrior into more than just a Brask. The warriors are the only defense the Empire has. They must be the best the Empire has to offer. Thenos decreed that, “Men fight with purpose when they know that the path they are on was chosen by them, not for them.” No Brask has ever been forced to endure the torture required to become a warrior.

Most choose the path of warrior on their twelfth centenary, and some come later, but they all face the same trials.

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New 1 x Surge day Bonuses

Everyone knows that getting SURGE on Friday is the way to go… or is it?

We now have a system in place that will give a player a chance to receive a special item, bonus skill points, and more if they purchase SURGE on a 1x day.

This is not guaranteed so if you want a sure thing, stick to Fridays.

If you are a risk taker than you may want to try on a non Friday.

This is not a one time contest. It is a new feature.

So from now on, anyone who buys SURGE on a normal surge day (Sat-Thurs) has a chance to get bonuses that outweigh a double surge buy.

Patch 2.16 has gone live.

Patch 2.16 has gone live.

Here are the changes we have made to Lore:

  • New RESURGENCE navigation is now live on FB allowing for fast, user friendly access to all areas of the game. These new menus will allow us to add more content without it becoming difficult to navigate to.
  • This change will be rolled out in MS with the new RESURGENCE update coming soon.

Writing Lore

The co-creators of the Lore universe, Nathan Levine and Louis Marino, have put a big emphasis on depth and continuity within an engaging story, while focusing on powerful character emotions and distinct personalities.

Artwork of Lore

From sprawling cities to lush landscapes, Lore: Eternal War is created to immerse you in the world. Mateo Cantu and Rob Whitfield have led the Art of Lore into an intriguing visual journey while maintaining the vision of the writers.

Music of Lore

The sounds of Lore are just as important as the visuals. Each song transports the listener to a new land of adventure and tyranny in a world of mystery and power. Alex Smith is charged with invoking strong emotions with every note.